Can I get in with a 2.7?

<p>HI! I'm a Junior and right now have a weighted gpa of 2.784 but my quarter grade right now is a 3.333.
Took the SATS once, taking again next month--my first SAT was 1590 (hoping to get 1700)</p>

<p>I am ranked 94 of 176 (53%)</p>

<p>I am in Drama Club, Key Club (both just this year) and plan on doing both those and either Tennis or Winter Guard next year!</p>

<p>I am so hopeful that next year my GPA will go up but I just want to see what my chances are now?</p>

but what about these/ what are my chances? PLEASE BE HONEST BUT GENTLE</p>

<p>-Ball State University
-Indiana University (I know, no chance)
-Anderson U.

<p>and what other colleges would actually take me?</p>

<p>It seems possible. Have you looked at the common data set for Ball State? A "common data set" is a document that most colleges and universities publish annually. The format of every institution's set is the same--that's where the *common *part comes in--and it reports, among other things, statistics on the class that was admitted most recently (i.e., the current freshman class). Section C of the common data set gives admission about applicants for freshman admission. Here is a link to Section C of Ball State's common data set (Ball</a> State University - Common Data Set), which I found by Googling "ball state common data set."</p>

<p>About a quarter of Ball State's current freshmen have a high school GPA between 2.50 and 2.99; your GPA would put you below the median, but not necessarily out of the running (I think). If your 1590 on the SAT is fairly well balanced, it would put you right around the middle of Ball State's current freshman class. The biggest hurdle for you may be class rank; an overwhelming majority of Ball State's students ranked in the top half of their high school class. I know you're really, really close. But these data get reported in broad categories. Forty-seventh percentile in the class and 5th percentile both get scored as "bottom half"; sometimes colleges don't like that. But if you keep your junior-year grades good, I think you should be all right. Heck, if you keep your junior-year grades good, you might even move into the top half of the class by the time you apply!</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>thank you for all the information and thanks for replying....just think good thoughts for me :)</p>