Can I get in with a 3.6?

Title. I’m not sure of what I’ll finish junior year with, just planning ahead.

With a 3.6 unweighted, a 3.8 weighted, and a 31 ACT, would I have a good shot at ED? Maybe I can bump the ACT up to a 32.

Should I take subject tests?

It would be extremely unlikely for you to get in even with a 32.

Colgate would likely be a reach, maybe a high match depending on the rigor of courses and number of cores taken.

Class of 2023 average GPA was 3.7 per Colgate’s website:

Class of 2023 matriculated ACT was 31-34, so getting that score up would help. Personally I wouldn’t bother with the subject tests.

The greater the rigor in your curriculum (honors/AP classes), and the greater the number of core courses (4 in the 5 subject areas) could make the difference. Essays, LoRs, ECs will also matter.

Does your school use Naviance? If so, look at that to help assess your chances. If Colgate is your number one choice, and looks affordable per their net price calculator, do apply ED.

Good luck.

Here is the academic profile for Colgate.

The 3.7 statistic above is actually closer to 3.8 (all unweighted). And most students are in the top 10% of their class (indicating most probably have a 4.0+ weighted).

Yes I see the admitted data, I was using the 3.7 data for matriculants, as I stated. Less than a quarter of applicants reported rank on their transcripts. We don’t know how OP’s school weights GPA, nor if they rank.

Regardless, Colgate is likely a reach for OP but not so high one would recommend not applying (unless rigor is low or number of core courses are low). It’s reasonable to have several reaches on one’s list. Naviance will be OP’s best source for categorization information.

For OP, I would stress the importance of understanding the background of posters on this, or any other site, when weighing feedback.


Sorry for the limited information, I’ll add more in I ever do this again. My high school DOES rank, but they do not send it in to schools. I’m in the top quarter at least, but not 100% on that.

My schedule is fairly rigorous, but not 5 ap’s a year, nor is it all standard classes. Just mostly honors and some ap classes here or there.

I checked Naviance, and it doesn’t look good. Kids with similar stats around mine didn’t fair well in admissions. However, many other selective liberal arts colleges were very nice to kids with my stats, so I have other options.