Can I get in with these future outcomes?

Can I get into University of Washington or USC in my graduation year of 2022 with 3.65 weighted and 3.53 Unweighted? I played a couple of sports, Hope to do a ted talk in senior year, Planning to compete in Deca and get into Naftrack system, a couple of Ap’s (Econ, Seminar and honors english) and good letters of recommendation. I’m not planning on taking the SAT or ACT. Ik the school has a high 40% acceptance rate so I’m not sure. I’m a junior right now.

I do not think the UW has published its 2020 admissions statistics, but here are the numbers from 2019:

Unweighted GPA (middle 50%) range was 3.72 to 3.95. ACT range was 27 to 33. Also note the different statistics for resident and nonresident applicants.

Applications are evaluated holistically, so your 3.53 unweighted GPA may not disqualify you if the other aspects of your application are especially strong. Essays are very important.

Good luck!

The link in the post above now has the 2020 admissions statistics.