Can i get in?!

<p>Hey guys. Im a junior in high school, and Im really freaking out about getting into college.
Please let me know where I stand. </p>

<p>Estimated UC GPA at the end of this year: 3.636 ( ITS HORRIBLE, I KNOW :( )
Reg, UW GPA: Around a 3.4</p>

<p>PSAT: 200
SAT: 2250, Writing: 750, CR: 700, Math: 800
ACT: n/a but practice tests, although I know are not 100% reliable, is around a 34-35.
AP Tests: Taking calculus, bio, and apush. expecting 5s on them. School started preparing us. And im willing to work hard for them! </p>

<p>SAT 2 Math: 800</p>

<p>Extra Education: Summer program at Ivy League College
Took a math course over summer, for credit at a local private high school. </p>

<p>ECs. Research Intern at Prestigious Medical Labs, looking on probably getting published before apps are due, and Intel science fair is where I'll submit my work!
Hospital Volunteer
I shadow surgeons in practice.
Water Polo

<p>My research professor has guaranteed a letter of recommendation for me. If you need more information to judge, please let me know.</p>

<p>Schools wanted: </p>

-- OR--



<p>Id also like to go to a undergraduate school with a hospital/ medical school for research opportunites/ etc. THANKS!!!!</p>

<p>Please comment :) !!!!</p>

<p>I think Harvard and the like are gonna be high reaches for you, considering your gpa and ECs.. Still apply, just keep in mind these schools accept ~10% of applicants (give or take)</p>

<p>Your stats still look solid, however, you should get into almost all of your non-reach schools, assuming your essays/ recs are good. Chance me back?</p>

<p>what's your shoe size? YOU honestly expect us to chance you without important factors such as these?</p>

<p>^haha I wish college confidential had a "like" feature^^^^</p>

<p>If those are SAT scores you have achieved, I think you look fair for Davis and Irvine. You seem to appreciate the UC GPA is low, but your scores, as long as you took a rigorous workload may well carry you into those 2.</p>

<p>Otherwise your list is unrealistic and it's a good idea to straighten that out now. You have good scores and a fair GPA. pricy summer programs suggest you can probably be full pay. </p>

<p>You should do well at colleges rankebe above 25 and LACs ranked above 15 or so.</p>

<p>It's been said many times before, but no one can guarantee the decision of an Ivy school. However, like the other posts, I'd say that Harvard is probably a high reach for you because you're lacking in ECs and GPA, and don't have any hooks to make the admissions officers raise their eyebrows. I don't know much about Duke or WUSTL, but since JHU is a primarily medical school and you've done research with professionals, it's probably a low reach for you. If you can get published in a research journal and/or get an award at Intel, your chance of admission will skyrocket.</p>