Can I get in?

<p>I'm a junior from michigan interested in applying to some top schools but I have no idea where I can get in. Please help!</p>

<p>gpa: 3.9
sat: 660 CR/ 770 M/ 680 W (2110 total) but i'm retaking in june
act: 33 composite 35- reading and science 33-english 29- math</p>

<p>i am taking all aps, honors and honors accelerated courses with all a's and a b in math
(already taken) us gov, bio, us history, lang, psych, (taking next year) latin, lit, calc ab, macroeconomics, microeconomics, and european history</p>

rowing - captain
national honors society - president
latin club - vice president
women's leadership group
tutor - both volunteering and as a job
extremely active in volunteer work including chairperson of church's homeless week
National student leadership conference - president
close-up foundation week program in DC
leadership camp w/ nhs
quiz bowl
captain of cheerleading (9th grade)
destination imagination state finalist (9th grade)
girl scouting (9th grade)</p>

<p>I have also won awards for english, latin and citizenship</p>

<p>Can I get in to:
Notre Dame
University of Michigan
Washington University in St. Louis

<p>Thank you so much!</p>

<p>I think you stand a good chance at ND, U-Michigan, Georgetown, and Washington U of St.L</p>

<p>MIT Yale Princeton would be a reach.</p>

<p>Improve those SAT's to boost chances immensely.</p>

<p>thanks but what exactly do you catergorize a reach as? Are you talking force-of-god to get in or just a great essay?</p>

<p>^Probably inbetween...</p>

<p>latin club? Are you a URM. If yes, you have a chance at all those schools. If you can be recruited for rowing, that would really help too.</p>

<p>you're definitely in at michigan</p>

<p>whats a URM? I dont know most of the acronymns used on this site</p>

<p>Underrepresented Minority</p>

<p>Get your SATs up and I'd say you had a decent shot anywhere (for top 10 schools like Yale decent becomes a relative term.)</p>

<p>if you're probably have a shot at any school.</p>

<p>Um, I think she means Latin the language, not the ethnicity.</p>

<p>yes i do mean latin the language, i'm white</p>