Can I get in

Can I get in to Boston college with only an 1100 on my SAT and a 3.5 unweighted GPA. I also do a lot outside of school like football, track, community survive, academic summer programs, and many other thing. Also I am a minority.

I mean maybe with the gpa but it standardized testing is pretty low. Like I have the same gpa but a 2200/33 act and got deferred

I was admitted EA into the Honors Program at BC this year with a 33 ACT/3.7 ish unweighted GPA. I would say give it your best shot, it can’t hurt to try! Stats definitely are not all that matters, but I would maybe retake the SAT and take an SAT prep course.

Testing is a bit low, but if other aspects I your application is stellar, then it’s possible