Can i get in?!?!?

<p>Alright, hey everyone, my name is mike and im a senior at a competitive high school in southern florida, and well-im reallly set on applying to Cornell this year ED and want to know what my overall chances are
So heres a quick little go down on what i have to offer them</p>

American History-710


<p>Freshman year-
English 1 Honors-A
Spanish I Honors-A
Spanish II Honors-A
Algebra I Honors-A
Geometry Honors-B
Career Reasearching Honrs-A
Integrated Science Honrs-A
Physical Eduaction-A
Drafting I-A</p>

<p>Sophmore Year
Biology Honors-A
AP Biology-A (3 on exam)
Ap World History-A (3 on exam)
Spanish III Honors-A
English II Honors-A
Algebra II Honors-A
Drafting II-A</p>

<p>Junior Year
AP American History-A (5 on exam)
AP Chemistry-B (3 on exam)
AP American Government-A (4 on exam)
AP English Literature-A (3 on exam)
Spanish IV Honors-A
PreCalc Honors-B
Anatomy & Physiology-A</p>

<p>Senior Year(schedule so far)
AP Calculus AB
AP European History
AP MAcro &Micro Economics
AP Spanish Literature
AP English Literature</p>

<p>Extra Currics
Founder of the Winter Running Club tht entices people to come run
President of running club 3 Years of FCA
Ran a Half Marathon to raise moeny for Lukeimia
2 years of Key Club-VP
2 years of NHS-VP
3 Cross Country Varsity letters-Districts and Regional Compettion
2 Varisty Letters in Soccer (3 years altogether)
3 Varsity Track Awards- 3 School Records Ranked 8th in the State as a junior at the half mile with a 1:56
Job at Country Club for 2 years
MVP of Track season my junior year</p>

<p>I have talked to the Cornell track coach over the summer and he is very interested in me along with the yale coach and might put me on his "Recruit List"... Will this help me if im on this list? What are my overall chances to getting into cornell?? Thanks, and God Bless,

<p>Yeah, if you're on the recruit list with those stats i'd say you'd be just about a shoe-in. Without the recruitment, still a very good chance of getting in.</p>

Have you visited the schools as a track recruit? If the coaches are really committed to you they will try to nail you down to an overnight visit, meeting with the team, etc. Then, if all goes well, the coach will ask for a copy of your transcript/scores/class rank for review by admissions for an early read (admissable or not). Coaches with significant influence on the admissions process always make their support contingent on the recruit applying early decision. A coach does not want to waste his influence on a person that might not attend.
Good Luck.</p>

<p>Yea same as Clendenenator, if you were recruited I would say that you would basically be in, but otherwise pretty good chance at Cornell. From your stats, it looks like you'd be a great recruit though.</p>