Can I get in?

<p>So here are the statistics:</p>

<p>Class IX Scores:</p>

<li>English : 92%(A)</li>
<li>Hindi(Native Lang) : 88.5%(A)</li>
<li>Mathematics : 88.1%(A)</li>
<li>Science (Phy, Chem, Bio combined) : 95%(A)</li>
<li>Social Studies(includes Geography, History, Civics) : 83.3%(A)</li>
<li>Physical Education : A</li>
<li>Computer Science : A</li>

<p>Rank : 1st</p>

<p>Class X:</p>

<p>1.English : 90% (A)
2. Hindi : 63%(Oops) (B)
3. Mathematics : 87 (A)
4. Science
- Practicals - 25/25
- Theory - 72/75
Total% -> 97%(A)
5. Social Science
- Project Work - 20/20
- Theory - 73/80
Total% -> 93% (A)</p>

<li>Work Experience : A</li>
<li>Physical Education : A</li>

<p>Well in Class XI I have an avg of 75% but my final exams are not over yet, they are in march.</p>

<p>And yes my full list of ECs:</p>

<li>Won a Gold Medal in Informatics Olypiad conducted by SIlverzone</li>
<li>Secured 2nd Rank in 7th International Level Science Talent Examination conducted by The Bangalore Science Forum.</li>
<li>Represented Delhi Public School Rajkot at 'LISTEN- The Worlds First Conference on Childs Concerns'.
3.Secured 3rd Rank in National Cyber Olympiad.</li>
<li>Secured 7th position in Assesment of Scholastic Skills thorugh Education Testing</li>
<li>Was promoted to School Captain from School Prefect recently.</li>
<li>Awarded 'A' Certificate by National Cadet Corps</li>
<li>Special appreciation by 'Leprosy Mission' for social work.</li>
<li>Represented region at the State Science Fair at IIT Kharagpur.</li>
<li>Represented region at State for Volleyball and Ball Badminton.</li>
<li>Won state level debate organised by Hindi Samaj</li>
<li>Appointed school basketball and volleyball team Captain.</li>
<li>Appointed School Captain at DPS, Rajkot.</li>
<li>Choosen as a member of the Indian Ubuntu Linux Team.</li>
<li>I have my own customized linux distribution geared towards education (similar to edubuntu to be specific)</li>
<li>Founder of Linux User Group in my city.</li>
<li>Partcipated in AIDS awareness drive.</li>
<li>Special Appreciation by LIFE(Lower Income Family Emancipation) for social work.</li>
<li>Successfully participated in Environment Week in our city.</li>
<li>Finalist of Environment Quiz Contest conducted by Environment Education Council for Children Delhi Public School Society.
20 4th Rank in State Level Quiz Competition conducted by Rajkumar College Rajkot.</li>

<p>Class IX is my freshman yr....Class XI being my junior yr</p>

<p>I'm almost positive that you would be accepted...99% sure</p>


<p>no problem..good luck!</p>

<p>99.9% You will get accepted.</p>

<p>and yeah someone tell me how the hell do I fund my education there?</p>

<p>^^ lol</p>