Can I get in?

<p>I am hoping to be a civil engineer. Do you think I will have a chance at getting accepted?</p>

<p>I am currently a junior in high school.
I have an average of about 91
my sat score was 1760 (reading 550, math 590 and writing 620)
my GPA is around 3.5-3.7 i think
I am in National Honor Society
I have done multiple extracurricular activities (clubs, sports, volunteering...)
I am currently a girl scout and have been for about 8 years.
I haven't taken any AP classes but I have taken a lot of Honors classes. (I will be taking AP Psych next year and possibly AP Physics B)
My school doesn't rank.
I have taken 4 years of English, history and Math. 5 years of science. 3 years of Spanish
I also worked at a daycare in 9 th grade, at a summer camp last summer, and my local elementary school this year. I will hopefully be getting a job as a lifeguard this summer.</p>

Saw your other posts re RIT and Syracuse.</p>

<p>My son was accepted at those schools too. He liked Syracuse, hated RIT on his visits. Keep in mind that you may need to spend a fifth year or extra semester as engineering has so many required courses. Consider the extra cost too. My son had interviews at both and was told what a great candidate he was and that he'd get lots of money. Ended up with $7000/year which is so small for those schools. He ended up with 3K/yr at UB and the program is highly reputable.</p>

<p>Don't worry you are doing more than good u will be accepted.</p>

<p>Dude, Rutgers accepts half of the people who apply. Your scores are respectable. Unless someone hates you, you'll probably get in.</p>

<p>At accepted students day for SAS they said SATs for this year averaged 1230 for math and reading. If you really want to go to Rutgers I'd say try to hit that mark.</p>

<p>No jk but really no</p>

<p>sorry if my previous post sounded serious but according to your academics
ur a shoe in :)</p>