can i get in??

<p>i go to a really nice private college prep school.. i take regular classes, but i have taken 7 classes every semester since freshman year.. i already have 26.5 credits going into my senior year.. my average gpa is a 3.26 right now.. freshman year i had a 3.29 sophomore year i had a 3.38 and junior year i had a 3.08 (due to a lot of family problems...) my sat combined score was a 1630.. i think i did better the next time i took, and i just took the act for the first time.. i want to apply to the university of colorado at boulder.. and i was wondering if anyone thinks i could make it in?</p>

<p>You have a decent shot. Your GPA isn't too brilliant, considering over 57% of the kids there had over a 3.5 GPA in high school. However, you fit within the SAT score range for the middle 50% of kids that go there, so that's good. These statistics are taken from the College Board btw, haha.</p>