Can I get into a top 10 Mechanical engineer grad school with these stats?

<p>3.7 gpa from a 60th ranked undergrad institution. Gre scores: Q-780, V-560, W-4.5. 3 years of research experience by the time I graduate or 2 1/2 at the time of applying. A summer research at another institution. a summer internship. No publications. Probably good LORS. How does my chances look for schools such as: umich, purdue, georgia tech, uc berkeley, princeton, northwestern, illinois?</p>

<p>Man, I think u r a very strong applicant, much stronger than mine with ur research experience and yet I am thinking applying to MIT?!!?!?! I probably should just stay at my home college for graduate school. I am SOOO stress out these days since I really want to go to a top graduate school.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> Yours looks pretty good, especially since your 3.9gpa was from a top 20 school</p>

<p>any opinions anyone?</p>