Can i get into Albion with a 3.0????

<p>Grades in Semesters
2.8-1.8 9th Grade
3.5-3.1 10th Grade
3.4-2.9 11th Grade
3.5 12th Grade
3.0 Cumulative</p>

<p>Three AP classes US History (B), Gov (A) English (B-) and four years of Spanish
V letter in track, Working since freshman year, Volunteering hours for the school, In state</p>

<p>Got a 19 on the ACT pending on retake (hoping for a 21 or 22)
MATH: 16

<p>Arabic if that helps, also a male</p>

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<p>I'd apply if I were you. You are below the averages, but I know of students who have been admitted with about your profile. The quality of your classes would probably be a factor in the consideration as would your shown interest. Have you visited? Have you graduated know your senior grades? Good luck</p>