Can I get into an ivy with a low SAT Score

SAT: 1970
ACT: Did not take it
SAT II: 700 Lit, 770 US History
AP Exams: Euro(4), APUSH (5) AP Lang (5)

GPA: 3.94 (UW), 4.3 (W)
Class Rank: top 10%

Race: South Asian
Income: $56,000

Extracurricular Activities/Clubs:
Speech and Debate Team (won several awards)
President of Speech and Debate team
Volunteer at transitional shelter
Editor-in-Chief of my high school newspaper
Took Neurobiology course at UChicago
Went to Neuro Camp
Write for various magazines

I appreciate your comments. Thanks,

I would like to attend,
Harvard, Stanford, Yale, UChicago, UPenn, Dartmouth, Columbia, Barnard, UC’s, Duke, USC, Pomona, Scripps, etc

Sorry I just want to know if I can get into Stanford, Yale, Harvard, Cornell, John Hopkins, Barnard, Columbia, Upenn, UChicago, and the UC’s

Harvard/Yale/Stanford/Cornell/Columbia probably little to no chance with that SAT score. EC’s are good but nothing unique or outstanding.

For the UC’s, UCR/UCM/UCSC and UCI are your best chances. UCD/UCSB could be possible with excellent EC’s and essays. UCSD is a slight Reach. UCLA/UCB are Reach schools. I cannot comment on the others.

What makes you stand out from the crowd of applicants that have even better stat? That would be the answer you need to provide to the adcom. Students with perfect GPA/score got rejected all the time.

Agree with @Gumbymom, you have to understand, these elites get hundreds of thousands of applications with similar EC’s. Being an ORM doesn’t help.

Your SAT score is telling and your EC’s don’t separate you from the “herd”. You need something that brings a uniqueness to the school. Sorry :frowning:

How big a new library building can your parents donate?

Someone could get into an ivy with a low sat score.
Unfortunately, I do not think you can. Other schools are a possibility, but make sure to have some safeties just in case.

The applicants who get in w a low score have some compelling hook to offset it.

I know someone accepted by Stanford a couple years ago with similarly weak score (in ACT) but with 2 generations of multiple legacy.

write a killer essay for UChicago and it’s possible! As for the others, I don’t think you have the stats to be considered :frowning:

Not very likely.

With a 56,000 income, I do not believe so.

If you aren’t from California, the UCs are going to be way too expensive for you.

I would recommend that you retake the SAT if you can. A SAT of at least 2100 is needed to even be competitive at most Ivy Leagues, and even that is on the lower end. That being said, like what Coldsummer123 mentioned in Post #9, you can write a killer essay for UChicago and maybe you’ll have chance (you took a course there, so maybe that’ll be seen positively). I wouldn’t put too much hope on that though.