Can I get into any US college with financial aid?

<p>I am from a third world country. I have top grades, rank 2 in my senior year and SAT I score of 1500. Now I am at Memorial, Canada studying Economics and Mathematics double major. I know I have the calibre to get into a US university but I don't have the finance. Even here I am working in order to pay the fees and thus my grades are dropping. I would like to know will any US university accept me at this point of time with my dropping grades and also give me financial aid?</p>

<p>What race are you? URM status could majorly help you out.</p>

<p>You absolutely have chances at ANY American University, and most likely a full ride for some top 50 colleges.</p>

<p>I am of Indian origin. Which universities are likely to give a full ride Hoo_29?</p>

<p>Are you applying as a transfer student? If you are, you need to specificallly ask what is available. MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Williams, Stanford, Middlebury are some schools that are need blind for internationals, but if you have what they want, there is aid at other schools as well. It's just that many of the schools are not need blind for internationals and will reject you if they do not have the money to help you come here. Your grades in college are very important as a transfer student, more so than your SAT scores or your highschool record, so do not let them slip. You will need to have a stellar record at your college.</p>

<p>Say if I want to go to Harvard, what courses do I need to pick here? Do they look for my excellency in particular fields?</p>

<p>Should I take an English course in order to make my application stronger?</p>

<p>Tulane, University of Miami, George Washington University, Furman University, Wake Forest</p>