can i get into berkley or georgetown?

<p>hello, </p>

<p>i want to get into a great college i am going to be a junior in 5A school this fall and here is my current resume is:</p>

<p>Freshmen (both semesters)- Sophomore (1st semester/2nd semester)-
Biology-A Lifetime Sports A/A
Geometry Latin II- A/A
Honors English I-A Honors English II- B/A
History-A Chemisty I- A
Latin I-A AlgerbraII/Trig-B/B
Computers-A AP European History- A/A
P.E/Health-A Exploring Art- A/A</p>

<p>I have also played Tennis, Basketball, and Soccer for those two year
freshmen year i was class secretary and sophomire year i was class president and this upcoming year i won the election and am still president of my class
i am an active member in StuCo and pary of National Junior Classical Leaue Latin Honor Society and Link Crew and will soon be part National Honors Society and i am currently working on my A+ hours</p>

<p>This year i am enrolled in-
Biology II
Chemisty II
Honors English III
Leadership Class
Math Analysis/Calc
Latin III</p>

<p>Thankyou so much for reading!! please give an honest reply!!</p>

<li>This is the wrong forum.</li>
<li>You do not need to worry about this for another year. Focus on getting good grades this year and doing well on standardized tests.</li>
<li>Speaking of standardized tests, you haven't taken any. So nobody can chance you because they have no idea.</li>
<li>That is all.</li>

<p>Edit: 5. "Berkley" has been known to eat people alive for having B's. They are very GPA-oriented from what I have seen. Georgetown's admissions statistics also seem to indicate unusually high class rank compared to test scores.</p>