Can I get into Bucknell?

<p>Hi all, i would like to know my chances at bucknell. looking to major in english/undecided.</p>

<p>Gpa uw:3.75
GPA w: 3.84
Nga uw: 90
Nga w:92.3
my weighted nga for junior year should be around a 94
mostly honors in soph/jr year. 5 APs combined for jr/sr year.
ACT: 30 composite
class rank: top 15% @ competitive public PA hs </p>

Lacrosse- 2 years
v track- 2 years
winter track- 4 years
student government - 2 years
yearbook club- 3 years
national honor society
various volunteering
I am multiracial (half asian) if that helps</p>

<p>thank you</p>

<p>Bucknell: High match</p>

<p>i think its a match</p>

<p>chance back?
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<p>This is not really a chance reply, BUT. Bucknell is such a beautiful school. Yes, it is a little bit on the expensive scale, but it is truly a gem! I live close to Lewisburg (which is the town), so I can say that Bucknell is absolutely wonderful. Lewisburg is a quaint little town, with a New England feel. And the campus is gorgeous, with wonderful facilitates. I hope you get in! (Which it looks like you will)</p>

<p>Thank you to everyone who replied. Does anyone else have an idea?</p>