can i get into carnegie mellon??

<p>hey cool people. im a long time reader, first time poster... if any1 has some insight about my chances of getting into carnegie mellon university, it would be much appreciated</p>

<p>im a white male who attends a public school in connecticut. here are my stats</p>

<p>gpa: 3.60 (at my school, the maximum you can get is 4.0 and grading is tough so no1 has above a 3.93)
my grades show a strong improvement from soph to jr. year</p>

<p>my school does not rank, but i'm around top 10%, perhaps a bit lower like top 12%</p>

<p>SAT I
math: 800
verbal: 720</p>

<p>SAT II's
math IIC: 800
physics: 720</p>

computer science AB: 4</p>

<p>AP's to be taken this year:

boy scouts, eagle rank earned last year
school newspaper, becomming a section editor soon
i work 18 hours a week at a golf course
peer tutoring (i helped a student 2 days a week in math last year and soon i will be helping another student in math, chem, and english)
intramural tennis club founder
topcoder computer algorithm discussion group (nerd group)
chess club (another nerd group)
national honors society (i will be running for president)</p>

<p>recomendations / essay
i'm getting rec's from my jr year english and math teachers. i know they will be strong rec's b/c i had both teachers for multiple classes and i made a good impression on both of them. Also, I feel that my essay for the common app is really good (to make up for my low class rank etc.)</p>

<p>interview: i just had my interview for CM and i don't think i completely screwed it up so that's good. im gonna try to have one for tufts soon.</p>

trinity club of hartford book award
national merrit scholarship recognized student
i attended a week long NYLC leadership conference in washington DC</p>

<p>i plan to major in engineering (civil or mechanical perhaps? havent decided) possible minor in business
my top choice is carnegie mellon university, and here is my list of schools</p>

<p>MIT - unfathomable reach
cornell - uber reach
johns hopkins - uber reach
carnegie mellon - reach
tufts - reach
boston university - match
villanova - match
RPI - match / safety
UCONN - safety</p>

<p>any help is appreciated. please don't be cruel

<p>You're in at CMU, no doubt about it.</p>

<p>yea your in.
CMU is more of a match
so is tufts
John Hopkins and Cornell are more of slight reaches/match</p>


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