Can I get into Chapman? OOS

<p>GPA Unweighted: 3.4 flat
weighted: ?? school doesn't give it out.
Rank: top 35%
SAT: 1760 E:10
ACT: 26 E:10 (27 superscored. Does Chapman superscore?)
-WA state resident
-Competitive Public High School
-Class rigor: 1 AP (World History), 1 Honors (Chem), 1 Advanced (Bio), 2 College in High School (Spanish 400 and Acting)
-Asian (if minority matters)</p>


<li>Part-time job freshmen year, will get another one in March, waiting for me until I turn 18 (telemarketing).</li>
<li>Cross Country 2 years (quit to focus on grades)</li>
<li>FBLA community service chairsperson for 1 year</li>
<li>Seattle International Film Festival Volunteer</li>
<li>Newspaper, reporter/copy editor/designer</li>

<p>Deadline is coming up and I have to make a decision quick! Do I have a realistic shot at Chapman? I don't want to apply if I don't have a realistic shot. Also, my grades aren't that grade due to personal issues during high school but the trend is upwards. Freshmen: 3.45/3.73 Sophomore: 3.1/3.3 Junior: 3.2/3.67 Senior: (probably) 3.4/ 3.6+. Oh, and I intend to major in something in Social Sciences (Sociology, philosophy, psyche, anthrop, etc.)</p>

<p>Thanks, guys.</p>


<p>I think you have a chance!
Your SATS are better than mine and I got in EA. My school doesn't do GPA cause I'm international and I'm in the IB program but besides that, our stats are similar.
It also depends on the program you apply to.</p>

<p>You should definitely apply. Though I ended up not going there, I got into Chapman with a 3.2 GPA/27 ACT/1750, came from a rigorous charter/prep school in Colorado (but got no scholarships)</p>