Can I get into Clemson?

I wanna get into Clemson and USC(in state) I have a 3.65 gpa (unweighted), I have over 100 volunteering hours, Part of 5 clubs and president of 1, I work at chick-fil-a, I received medals and awards for my leadership and volunteering, I take Ap and college classes as well.

Check out collegevine chancing app.

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What major are you looking at? What senior year classes do you have?

Do you have an ACT/SAT score? What proportion of your classes are AP, honors, and/or dual enrollment? Will you have 4 years of classes in each core area? (Eng, SS, Science, Math, FL)

I can’t chance you but need more info to help you categorize Clemson and UofSC(and even then, your HS GC will be in the best position to do that). No one here will know your essays or Letters of Rec, nor will any of the third party chancing calculators…so don’t do those!

3.65 out of 5, unweighted? Aren’t public schools in SC on a 5 point scale?

What is your intended major and class rank (# or estimated decile)?

No out of 4 for unweighted and out of 5 for weighted I believe.

We don’t do class ranks and psychology.

I want to major in psychology, I’m currently a junior taking Ap classes, I have over 25 credits so I could graduate early. I want to take a over 5 college classes senior year, I have a 33 act, and I’m doing Spanish for all 4 years. And I’m also in honor societies. But I did get 2 C’s freshman year so hopefully that doesn’t mess me up.

What is your weighted gpa?

I’ve seen several 3.65 range admitted to Bridge at Clemson, but they usually had lower ACTs, so kudos; that will definitely help. I think you have a good chance at UofSC. Some counties/schools have overall lower uwgpas, so that’s where rank puts it into perspective.

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