Can I get into Colgate University?

Hello everyone,

   I am applying as an international applicant with ED2. I am transfemale and this is one of the reason I am applying to US colleges. I can't tell my parents about me for now. I don't have any LGBT community near me. The worst thing happened to me is I was ready for SAT to get score around 1500(I had got 1470, 1510, 1490 in practice test) but a day before my SAT, my WBC counts went too high. I wasn't able to think during my exam because of fever and all this. It highly decreased my score(1120: 430 R&W 690 M). My GPA is still good(3.9). To be honest I don't care about marks that much but this time it's about my life so I am too worried. I didn't have much resources in my schools so I am more of an online learner( like from YouTube, coursera, edx etc.). There are plenty of ways to learn new things. I want to major in ASTRONOMY and psychology as minor. 

*** Please be honest because I don’t like lie, and if you have questions then ask***

The SAT score is quite low. Retake, if you can. What else are you able to offer? Leadership, any talents?

The SAT score is quite low. Retake, if you can. What else are you able to offer? Leadership, any talents?

Most people take it multiple times. Good luck!

If you haven’t done so already, look into relaxation techniques. Yoga, meditation, deep breathing, counseling, can all help to diminish anxiety.

Good luck!

I had tried to make 3 theories, one was about increasing speed of light but after everything I found it to be intensity of light. Other two are almost true, we still don’t have proof that things(black hole). I mentioned it in additional essay.

I was advanced to national level karate competition but I didn’t go because of financial problems.

I know I am suffering from depression, instead helping myself I have helped others who are in depression or like that.(because it makes me feel good)

I am doing vocal training for singing, it did help me with changing my voice too.

I am thinking to take gap year even if I get in so that I could spend my time with my parents, who knows if that kind of time will come again. I can be more prepared for college. I will learn coding in that time.

I am in senior year and I didn’t know about admission process in US, I learned about it last year. I don’t have counselor who could help me with this. I had to do everything on my own. My parents are not literate too.

I don’t know what my teachers would have written in their recommendation letters. Wish that would be good.

I don’t have leadership position but I have helped other leaders like what should they do. Anyways it doesn’t matter to colleges.

I tried almost everything for relaxation it helps me but not very effectively. I can’t go for counseling because for that I will have to answer everything correct. And it’s more likely possible that, the person is not familiar with my kind of issues.

For me that 3 theories I tried to make are the most important. And I do spend too much time thinking about that kind of space stuffs.

Hey, I am also an international student applying to Colgate. I believe besides your SAT, your other stats are quite good, including GPA to ECs. By this time, I think you might have applied as an Early Decision 2 and may not retake the SAT. Here is my suggestion: write something to Colgate about your situation before the real test, and show them how good you scored in mock trials. Also, if you can, ask your teacher to write some recommendations to explain this situation. LAC cares about the personal qualities more than universities do, which means your SAT score is not the deciding factor. I don’t know what score did you get for Toefl. If that is good, you can still show your strength in English. Also, considering your identity as part of LGBTQ+, your application is still great! Hope you the best of luck