Can I get into Cornell or UPenn?


  1. Co-Director of Finance Club
  2. Model UN
  3. Names Not Numbers (Basically an organization/group that recruits student at schools to learn how to interview and subsequently document Holocaust survivors and their stories, which I did)
  4. Moviemaking Club
  5. Track team (eh - for a year, not sure if this really counts so ignore it)
  6. Founder of the Israel Club at my school
  7. Part of selective (15% admission) StandWithUs High School Internship (apolitical org. that educates about facts about Israel)
  8. Founder of (unsuccessful online business - still working at it
    I might be missing a few things.

33 ACT

GPA: 91.14/100

4 APs (Gov. - 5 ; English Lang. - 5; APUSH - 4; Macroeconomics - didn’t take it yet)

SAT Subject Tests: History - 770; Literature - 690

Note that max number of APs you can take at my school is around 7 or 8 (I think, but that’s stretching it).

Mostly Honors classes, Chemistry, Physics, and Math (4 years) in Average/Grade Level (Not great at math - physics and chemistry were affected). All others were highest possible including dual curriculum (Jewish subjects [x4] - often more difficult than AP classes, believe me).

you’re taking a big chance, but I suggest you go for it. Good luck!