Can I Get into Cornell?

<p>Im a going to be a junior next year and want to major in architecture and Cornell has a great program. I feel though, unfortunately, my GPA will not be high enough and my class averages are too low. IN Earth Science i got a 88, bio 90, chem 95. In algebra 99 and geometry 100. SS Adv. i got 96 and WHAP i got 95. English is normally around 95 as is spanish. In all electives (maily art/photo/computer drafting) i get 100. So im asking will my averages be good enough to get me into cornell? I hope to make a stellar portolio and hopefully that would boast my chances. My brother applied there last year and didnt get in eventhough he was valedictorian though he applied undecided. So what are my chances?</p>

<p>For architecture your stats will not matter as much as your portfolio and interview.
Your grades seem fine.</p>