Can I get into CU Boulder engineering school

You want to have physics in high school before taking physics in college (as required for engineering majors).


I asked a student ambassador a few questions and this is what they said is getting admitted into pre-engineering different from getting into direct engineering
~so pre-engineering is no longer a thing. we have the program for exploratory studies which is in the college of arts and sciences but works with the college of engineering. this basically has you take the intro courses like calculus and physics during your first year and meeting certain criteria to be transferred into the college of engineering. while in that program, you won’t be able to enroll in any specific engineering courses. when you are directly admitted into engineering you can enroll in engineering courses. you won’t be behind though if you are in the program since either way you spend your first year taking those courses

2.does not having ap calc or ap physics reduce my chance of getting in?
~no, it doesn’t decrease the chances. its a wholistic review so they don’t just look at your classes and grades
3. when can i apply for a transfer from college of art and science, i read about an accelerated option where i just have to take calculus 1 and a science course and can apply after the initial semester. is that process still there or was it just for pre-engineering?
~ believe that is no longer an option. this lays out the requirements for IUT. You can apply whenever you finish the requirements. Intra-University Transfer (IUT) Into Engineering Bachelor of Science Degree Programs | Student Support & Advising Services | University of Colorado Boulder, while completing the requirements for IUT, are there options to take classes in my intended major or do i have to wait?
~there are some classes that are required for the second year in some majors so I think you are able to talk to your advisor and get admitted into those classes to still be on track

Since the original post was made almost a year ago, the OP has long ago made a decision. Closing thread.