Can I get into CU Boulder engineering school

My weighted gpa is 4.35, I don’t know what it is unweighted but my SAT score is 1580, and I am from out of state. Cost is not a factor. What are my chances of getting into CU boulder engineering school?

Close to 100% as long as you have taken Calc BC.

i was thinking of moving from h alg 2 to ap stat for my senior, can i still get into cu engineering?

Tough to say for sure. I’ve noticed local kids with solid stats and Calc BC get direct admit to engineering, but kids with missing Calc tend to get Pre-Engineering.

if you don’t mind what is the difference between directly getting accepted in to a computer science major and getting admitted into pre engineering? Even if I got into pre engineering and I do good I would end up in my desired major?

I want to do a bs in computer science
I have 3.7 UW (4.12W)
ACT 26
SAT 1300
I have 9 AP classes with scores of 4 above in all
I am part of TSA and FBLA and I also volunteer at hospitals

Thank you!

Engineering students need to take calculus. So you should take precalculus after algebra 2, rather than taking a side trip to statistics (if your major needs statistics, you will take calculus-based statistics in college).

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but i would still get accepted into pre engineering right? and there on move to engineering maybe in 2nd or 3rd year??is that right?

An engineering student not ready to take calculus (or higher) in the first semester is unlikely to graduate in 8 semesters.

Going from pre-engineering to an engineering major at CU Boulder is described at How Pre-Engineering Works | Pre-Engineering | University of Colorado Boulder

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I already took an online class in calculus (not through my school, so it wont show up in my transcript) This sound stupid but is there like a test option like we have in high school such as honors testing or so? And the last question, no matter what i take; based on my GPA and test scores i would still get into pre engineering ?that’s all I am unsure about. Thank you!

I wouldn’t say you are guaranteed to get into pre-engineering. I think you have a very good chance to be admitted to CU and then could transfer to engineering. I can’t tell you the details for transferring into engineering, you will have to contact CU for that. I do know it can be done though.

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Don’t do it. Stay on the Calculus path.

Oh Ok. I am taking calculus and physics from an online course; the thing is that it wont show up on my transcript. Even if I take it in high school, they are not AP level, so I would still have to retake them right, basically I would still end up in pre-engineering ?

AP Calculus is not available at your school? If that is the case, I don’t think they will hold it against you, but they are still likely to look for -a- calculus class. What does your school counselor say?

So I joined high school a bit late than others so i could not test in, then I moved to another school where I still got held back. I have an AP Calculus AB and BC offered at my school but I should have already taken pre calculus to get in. I took algebra 1 freshman year, geometry sophomore year, algebra 2 this year and I signed up for AP statistics next year because I didnt know calculus was a requirement. Even if I took pre calc next year I would still have to take Calc 1 and 2 as I did not take AP Calc. But, I am planning on maybe taking pre-calc on an online platform, Does that work?

If you do not take precalculus while in high school (or otherwise learn the material before college), you will have to take it as a remedial course in college before starting the (pre-)engineering curriculum. This will probably delay graduation by at least a semester.

Change from statistics to precalculus if you want to study engineering in college.

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ok thank you! I just wanted the AP credit from AP stat.

AP statistics credit will not be useful to an engineering major. If your engineering major requires statistics, it will require calculus-based statistics.

Ok thank you! just to confirm I will still only get admitted into pre-engineering as I dont have AP Calc or AP physics right?

CU Boulder does not specify admissions policies in enough detail that would allow anyone on the outside to conclusively answer your question.

You can read more here: First-Year Student Selection Process | University of Colorado Boulder which is linked from First-Year Students | College of Engineering & Applied Science | University of Colorado Boulder .

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oh ok. any recommendation on what science class to take? I have taken honors chem, honors bio, honors anatomy, cp physical science. next year I have options to take ap environment, ap physics 1 or regular physics, ap chem and ap bio.