Can I get into Dartmouth?

I am currently a junior at one of the best public schools in New York City. I have a 92.62 GPA as of right now and a 32 ACT score (but I’m going to take it again). My mom grew up in Hanover, my grandpa taught at Dartmouth, and I do a lot of extracurricular activities at my school (girls varsity soccer (the coach of which went to dartmouth and played goalie there) for three years, founding captain of girls junior varsity soccer (same coach) for one year, editor in chief of the yearbook, president of the big sibs club, senator of my homeroom for two years, member of the junior prom committee, and national honors society member). I already know that I want to major in biology, so if I applied early to Dartmouth next year, could I get in?

maybe. i think their avg act is 32 so

Just get your score up to be a little more sure.

are you near the top of your class while taking the most challenging courses you’re school offers?

Having family associated with Dartmouth or the area won’t matter too much, but your test scores will you keep you in consideration. You seem to be the classic “good grades/scores and does everything well” student that can compete for spots in elite colleges, but it’s never a guarantee to get in anywhere.