Can I get into FAMU with a 930 on the SAT?

Hey guys I need helo. Ive been stressing about applying to FAMU.
• I have a 3.31 unweighted GPA
• 3.78 weighted GPA. Also i have
• 250 community hours
• ive been in alot of clubs

Just to clarify… a 930 on the 1600 scale? Absolutely no chance for FAMU.

I’m retaking the SATs

Well, if you can improve it by like 200 points, yes you have a chance although your GPA is on the low side for their average GPA and I’m not exactly sure which ECs you have. Been in a lot of clubs could mean been in anime club or been in academic decathalon

Their average GPA is a 3.3 and my highest is a 3.7. And ive been in

• key club
• yearbook
• journalism
• change the world
• gardening
• TV production
And seriouy i need a 1230 when all they asked for was a 1000

Your GPA weighted is 3.7 that is different. An unweighted that is below their average of 3.36 would require a better SAT score to compensate. Your ECs look good. I would focus on LORs

Alright thanks ill work on it

An average means there are some above and some below. An unweighted 3.31 is NOT out of range of average.

Take the SAT and the ACT. You are within striking distance.


An unweighted 3.31 is NOT out of range of average.


Yes, but it is in the lower part of that range and a below average SAT is not going to help so he should retake it.