Can I get into Fordham or College of the Holy Cross with a 3.0 gpa and 24 act score and strong EC's?

I’ve always wanted to attend one of these two schools. What are my chances?

Can you afford them? How much will your parents pay each year?

I doubt either school would accept your scores. Strong EC’s with lowish GPA will look like you spend too much time on things other than academics…not a good look for colleges.

Here’s your best shot:
Step 1. See the movie “Rudy.”
Step 2. Attend a community college for a year or 2 and get really good grades.
Step 3. Keep studying for & taking SAT & ACT until you get at least a 28 or so.
Step 4. Apply to HC and Fordham, preferably indicating you want to major in something that isn’t usually very popular.

Holy Cross won’t happen and unless your stats are truely not representative, you won’t want it to happen. Holy Cross is a very demanding school and increasingly becoming an elite school in a broad sense.

Fordham, your ACT is close enough to the middle 50% to give it an honest try and hope you get lucky.

Others you might consider are U Scranton, Siena, Farfield, St. Bonaventure, St. Michael’s, Stonehill, Susquehanna and maybe even Providence. And don’t snicker, you are average and well below average in gpa for these schools.

What about Syracuse, Creighton and NYU?

@2inSchool2 Snicker?

Tough love???

None of the three, but if you like Fordham, St Bonaventure, St Michael’s, Siena, UScranton , Susquehanna… are all excellent suggestions.
If you’re open to Creighton, Gustavus Adolphus, Bradley, Concordia University Moorhead, Luther, Nebraska Wesleyan are all good possibilities.

Are you first generation (neither parent got a 4-year degree)?
Do you know your school’s average act? % who go to a 4-year college?
Is it generally considered competitive or rather lower performing?
Are you URM?