Can I get into Georgia Tech?

This is my current resume:

SAT: 1540 (Math: 790, Reading: 750)
ACT: 34 (Math: 29, Reading: 36, English: 33, Science: 36)

[I am planning on taking one more ACT and just took another SAT, waiting for results]

GPA: 3.72 [4.34 unweighted]

AP/IB classes (Took 5 last year, 6 this year)

AP Physics 2, AP stats, IB Spanish 5, AP Micro, AP research, IB Chem

My GPA is on an upward trend since end of sophomore year, and I am hoping that this 1st semester goes well since colleges look at GPA trends [My weighted GPA went from a 4.18 to 4.34 from beginning to end of junior year]


Math team (Mu-Alpha theta inductee, Mathfax 2nd place 9th grade, [looking for more opportunities for standing out by end of 1st semester])

Spell Bowl [4X state participant (group) 3 near perfects 1 perfect]

Quiz Bowl [Varsity member, team went to state last year, solver of math/general science/sports questions]

Academic Super Bowl [Member of math and science, won 2nd place math 1st place science in individual competition junior year out of 2000 participants]

National Honor Society [inducted senior year]


Taught in Kumon sophomore year (math/reading) for kids grades kindergarten-12th

Hour of Code participant for one day[taught in local school]

Math tutor/Mathfax grader for induction to Mu-Alpha Theta


Getting one from calculus teacher, quiz bowl teacher, spell bowl/academic super bowl teacher, english teacher, chem teacher


Wrote about chess and how it inspired me to adore and pursue computer science

Your academic stats are very impressive. You are obviously very smart. Not sure what year of HS you are in? In Georgia or OOS? Also, I am assuming the 4.34 GPA is weighted (not unweighted, as you wrote). First, you should know that nobody has a clear shot at Georgia Tech, especially if you are obviously looking to study CS or engineering. Even harder if you are OOS. Students with seemingly perfect applications are rejected all the time. That said, you seem to have the academic component down. It’s heavily weighted in STEM and very nerdish (I mean that in a good way). Even your essay is in that vein. What’s missing is demonstrated involvement in things like arts and sports. I think that could be a real problem for you. No band/orchestra or theater? No involvement with a team, even if it’s something like bowling, or serving as a time/scorekeeper? There’s also nothing in the way of leadership, such as a student government position or head of a club or some other group. Georgia Tech places heavy emphasis on a holistic approach to the application process. I attended a very interesting presentation on this. Since the school has no shortage of applicants with top GPAs and perfect standardized test scores, admissions counselors look to other things to flesh out the application. They are definitely looking for well-rounded students. I hope this helps you.

I’m OOS and in 12th, and I know for a fact I am lacking distinctions in my extracurriculars. I am hoping to find one boost for that. In terms of leadership, since all 4 of my clubs are group-oriented basically, I can’t seem to find that position. I am a member of the varsity group for my quiz bowl but there is no defined leader there. I hope my recommendations make up for that. I think one award in my math team could provide something.

Your stats are good for GT consideration. My son has very similar scores but less activities. He didn’t do too many activities because he focused on leadership role (2 years in robotics leadership and orchestra). It is very difficult with that many AP courses to be involved with many activities. It is much harder to get accepted to GT as an out of state and it may varies by your area. My son had over 30 of his graduating classmates applied and only 2 got in, a few waitlist that never got off. Just remember, nothing is a sure shot when it comes to admission.

Good luck to you. Are you applying to other similar school? Your grades and test scores should give you plenty of options.