Can I get into IUPUI as a transfer?

<p>I want to transfer from my community college in Washington and I'd like to know my chance of being accepted into IUPUI.</p>

<p>I have a 2.86
40 plus credits complete including general requirements
will graduate early from highschool
many co-curricular activities</p>

<p>You said you "will" graduate early from high school... but then you say you're in CC and have 40 credits... did you already graduate early or are you taking these classes on the side or something?</p>

<p>i've completed all my highschool courses early and i'm in a dual enrollment program at a local community college. I could easily graduate now but then i'd need to pay for my college courses.</p>

<p>I think you have a great chance of getting in!</p>

<p>Just wondering how from Washington you became interested in IUPUI. I think it has about a 95% acceptance rate.</p>

<p>thanx ucccheer2213</p>

<p>@gloworm i was looking at top nursing schools and iupui i ranked pretty high. i would reach higher but my gpa is low</p>

<p>Hey chrissy101, </p>

<p>I understand you have questions about how many of your university credits may transfer to IUPUI.</p>

<p>Transferring from a non- U.S. institution: We do all of our transcript and credential evaluation in-house. So, while you can submit external credential reviews, we will do our own internal evaluation of your academic records. Our Credentials Analysts can discuss the amount or types of transfer credits you will be able to bring to IUPUI. This can only be done after you have submitted a complete application. None of your previous academic information will be looked at until all required documents are received.
Please review our information about the transfer student application process from outside the U.S.:
Transfer</a> Students from a Purdue Campus : International Affairs : IUPUI</p>

<p>Transferring from a U.S. institution: Please consult our Credit Transfer & Articulation System (CATS), which provides incoming students an estimate of how their courses may transfer to IUPUI:
Credit</a> Transfer Service : Undergraduate Admissions : IUPUI
Please note: awarding transfer credit is the final step in the admissions process, and the CATS does not guarantee how or which credits will transfer to the university.
Please review our information about the transfer student application process from a university in the U.S.: Transfer</a> Students from a University in the U.S. : International Affairs : IUPUI</p>