Can I get into Ivy League

I am an upcoming Senior.
I am valedictorian of my class with a 4.72 gpa (4.0 weighted)
I am a captain/leader of 3 clubs. (beta, science olympiad, student council)
1st place speaker on debate team and won a debate tournament
won math tournament, 2nd place in state for academic team
lettered in debate, math, and academic team. (3 years)
NHS, chemistry club, mu alpha theta (I might be chosen as president this year)
100 hours of volunteer at hospital
over a 1000 hours for a nonprofit organization and I hold various positions in the organization like report leader)
Camp counselor - 100 hours past 3 years
2070 on my SAT - 610 reading (will improve to at least 670/680) and 760 Math)
32 on ACT (30 Reading and 35 Math)
10 AP classes- Hardest possible schedule</p>

<p>Possible, but not likely because your scores are a bit on the low side.</p>

<p>What is one thing that's special about you, that no one else at your school can say?</p>

<p>what's your hook?</p>

<p>You are definitely going to want to re-take your SAT/ACT tests in the fall to try to raise those scores. Your EC's, awards, and volunteer hours look good. Without hooks, those scores are just too low for the Ivy schools.</p>

<p>You can, but nothing's really guaranteed. </p>

<p>If I was you I'd look into the low tier Ivy League schools like Cornell and UPenn. </p>

<p>I certainly think you can be admitted to Cornell. </p>

<p>Raise your SAT scores, apply for early decision, prepare a strong essay and ask for teacher recommendations.</p>

<p>wat if I can raise my SAT score 2 2180 to 2200. Can that get me into a really good college</p>

<p>I don't know why people are saying your ACT score is inadequate. A 32 is 99th percentile, and the average ACT score for most Ivy Leagues. Of course, higher would be better, but a 32 is not going to break you.</p>

<p>Highlight your leadership roles, that will help you a lot.</p>

<p>Retake your SATs. Aim for 2300.</p>

<p>What are your SATIIs and What have you gotten on the AP exams?</p>

<p>Math Level 2: 780
Chemistry: 780
US History 750
AP Scores: I have gotten 3 5's, 1 4's, and 1 3's (AP Comp Science A - doesnt really count bc no college accepts that class)</p>

<p>You should also understand that the posters on this forum exaggerate the admission rate for colleges.</p>

<p>I was told I was going to be rejected from 7/8 colleges I applied to.</p>

<p>I was accepted to all of them.</p>

<p>What colleges did u apply 2</p>

<p>I totally agree with precogniton.. People on here are way to into themselves/their grades, and the entire admissions process. Be yourself and write some good essays and I say you could get definitely get into a few ivy league schools even with your SAT scores now.. which are excellent, just not by the means of the common CCer who may tend to call anything short of 2200 "average"</p>

<p>NYU, Drexel, Tampa, Hofstra, Buffalo, CUNY, Rutgers, TCNJ.</p>

<p>Keep in mind my GPA is a sucky 2.7 and my SAT is a mediocre 1650. </p>

<p>Accepted to all of those colleges just because I was captain of the chess team lololol.</p>