Can I get into McCombs undergrad?

<p>Im a white male from the bay area in California. My sat scores are: 650 reading/ 700 math/ 720 writing. Im just at the top 10% in my class with a 3.92 gpa and have solid extracurriculars. 4 years baseball (first team all league/team mvp)/ 2 years basketball/ 4 years football (team capitan). Have other stuff but dont want to bore you guys, just want to know my chances of acceptance into the Mccombs undergrad program. Thanks so much</p>

<p>You have to be like top 8% to even get into the school if you are in-state, yet alone McCombs. I would say raise the rank, but it's too late given that your end-of-Junior-year rank is what gets sent as your admissions transcript.</p>

<p>Raise the SAT score and you might have a chance. But really it's all about rank/GPA. Any really just rank.</p>

<p>I hate to say it, but I doubt you could get in McCombs with those stats. It is ridiculously hard, even if you are instate to get in. Check on the website of how they select the class. They start at 1% and go up until 75% of the class is filled, then the last 25% is filled holistically. Your test scores are not high enough, your rank is not high enough. But, Hey, give it a shot!!</p>

<p>You can always go in (I think you would get in UT) and transfer after freshman year. Internal transfers into McCombs are not that hard if you keep your grades up and take the correct business indicator courses.</p>

<p>Good luck!!</p>

<p>Agreed. The rank is really important for UT as a whole, and staggeringly so at McCombs. You could get in... possibly, but you better have some fan-flipping-tastic essays.</p>

<p>Accepted baby!!!</p>

<p>yea i was about to say you will get in, idk why but UT accepted kids from CAli with lower stats then Texas kids, but lol you live in Cali you could of went to UCLA or USC, but you picked texas lol</p>

<p>i guess if your OOS you have a better chance than instate kids</p>