Can I get into Mizzou?

So it’s my senior year of high school. This would help a lot if based on the following information, you could give feedback on what you believe my chances are of getting into this University?

  • Varsity Soccer all 4 years ( As well as varsity Captain the last two years )
  • 3.5 unweighted gpa
  • Been involved in several clubs ( Engineering clubs, robotic clubs and )
  • Academic Team
  • ACT score of 22 ( I am really not a good test taker)

*My high school classes are full of several honors classes. (and I did exceed in all these classes, especially in the field of mathematics and science ).

I know it’s not much to go off of, but if you could provide some feedback, it would be very helpful. Thanks

Do you have all the required classes? What state are you in?

You should get in easily, or at least I would assume. Mizzou has freshman admission requirements available here:
It says with a 22 ACT you need a 2.9 GPA to be admissible to the university.