Can I get into my dream school UC Santa Barbara

<p>I go to a community college in California. I didn't take any classes my first semester of college so I will transfer in 3 years instead of 2. This is my second year. I want to apply for a TAG to UCSB in fall 2012 and my dream is to start at UC Santa Barbara in the fall of 2013. My major is English. My current GPA is a 3.0 and I've taken almost 30 units. This last semester I got 4 As and 1 B but my first semester I got four C's. Awful i know. To TAG to UCSB you need a 3.2, and if I got mostly As in my next few semesters, I could bring myself up to a 3.2.
Is this unreasonable? My first semester I had a full time job and didn't have much time to study. I quit and got all As this past semester.. But now I'm worried.
Do I have a good chance of going to UCSB?
if my GPA falls bellow 3.2 (I don't think it will though) would I still have a good chance of getting in by then? I will have completed all prereqs except foreign language by fall 2012</p>

<p>It depends on what your major is! I'm also am tagged to UCSB and hope to transfer there as a sociology major. My overall GPA currently for UCSB is a 3.40. And yes, as long as you get A's then your GPA will go up. Try to avoid B's and anything below for now because since your current GPA is a 3.0 it will bring your overall GPA to a standstill at 3.0. A's is the only grade that will increase your GPA from a 3.0. Avoid C's from now on! The only way to cancel out a "C" grade is another "A" grade which will conclude the combined GPA of 3.0.</p>

<p>So, you have until next Fall to bring your GPA up which means you have the time to do so!</p>

<p>You have a good chance of getting in. Get as many A's as you can in your next two semesters and your TAG should hold. I'm not sure about UCSB's stance on completing pre-reqs but check when you're applying for TAG and see what they have to say about it. A good grade trend is what they are looking for, meaning they want to see improvement throughout your time in college. Just do your best.</p>

<p>@ Lawlking. I don't think C's can be canceled out. Anything below a C can though.</p>

<p>English isn't impacted at UCSB, but even without TAG, if you happen to not qualify for it, I'm not sure a sub-3.2 would cut it. (This isn't me doubting you, just truly not knowing the admission stats for said major.)</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Thank you both!!! My major is English and I'm going to try to bring my GPA up as much as I can</p>

<p>So you're saying if I can't get a 3.2 and tag, then I probably won't have a good chance of getting in if I just apply regularly?</p>

<p>@Karmago; When I mean't cancelling out a "C", I meant that you will need to get an "A" to counter the "C's" lowering GPA. So, for example, you got a "C" in one class and "A" in another for Fall 2011. Your Fall 2011 GPA will be a 3.0. </p>

<p>And try to keep your GPA very competitive, never settle for the "bare" minimum of what you heard for transfers. During summer take easy classes, it helps to boost your GPA and helps you get your elective/GE out of the way.</p>

<p>@ lawlking</p>

<p>Okay that makes sense.</p>