Can I get into my list (Northeastern, Upenn, USC) with 3 bs in 2nd semester of freshman year and 1st of sophomore, 3.79 gpa,

According to CC posts I have seen, having Bs is really bad. I was wondering if I would be able to still be competitive at some of my favorite schools. Our weighted GPA’s are out of 4.5 for comparison our valedictorian usually ends with a 4.2-4.3 each year.

1560 SAT
When Applying
3.78 UW
4.02 W
4.19 Capped and weighted (USC)

Freshman Year
Zero AP/Honors
UW: 3.40
W 3.40
2Bs, 1 C+ second semester (rest As) (Geometry, Pre-World, English)
(My guidance counselor is going to talk about this in her letter, but since my father made a very bad Financial we had to rent houses in my town until he could find another job we ended up moving houses 5 times in the span of 6 months)

Sophomore Year
3 Honors (Algebra 2, Chem, World Studies)(APs not allowed)
(AP Psychology [4] [Self Study])
UW: 3.70
W: 3.93
3Bs first semester (In honors classes)(rest As)(Semester 2 = straight As)

Junior Year:
4 APs, 2 Honors (Precalculus, Physics)
(AP US History [5], AP Lang and Comp [4], AP Economics [5], AP Comp [5],
AP Stats [4] [Self Study])
UW: 4.0
W 4.43

Senior Year courses: (I plan to send in my mid-year report)
Projected GPA:
UW: 4.0
W 4.43
AP Calc BC
AP Biology
AP Lit and Comp
AP Stats
AP Microeconomics
Latin 4

College List: Business major
Northeastern, USC, Upenn, Colgate, Villanova, BC, BU, Bucknell,

Typo* My father made a very bad financial decision. Not financial

This sounds suspiciously like Dr. Ave.