Can i get into NC State

I’m currently going into my junior year of school and have a 3.1765 GPA to this point, I’ve been taking all honors classes since 9th grade and will be taking 3 AP’s next year, I’ve yet to take my ACT’s or SAT but my PLAN test predicted id score a 24 on the ACT. I play 2 sports and am part of my schools Board of Trustees along with their community service organization, i also dont know how ethnicity would play into admissions but i am black, I Know ill have to bring my GPA up but im really just wondering if NCSU is a realistic goal or not.


Without your test scores its impossible to give you an informed opinion, but with decent test scores you would definitely have a good chance

With that low GPA and the low prediction for test scores, I’m going to say no. Not a definite no, but it’s hard to know more without more info.