Can I get into New York with these stats?

Hi! I studied 11 years in Vietnam and just moved to America in 02/2020. Do I have any chance of getting into NYU Stern with these stats.

Overall GPA: 3,58
12th year first quarter GPA: 3,83

Vietnam (10-11): Fixed curriculum for both year consists of 13 subjects: math, physics, chemistry, biology, informatics, Vietnamese literature, history, geography, English as foreign lang, civil ed, technology, PE, national defense training.

U.S (11-12): Did 3 weeks of 11th sem 2 than stayed home due to covid. Most my classes in 11th are not significant except for college prep math. For 12th, I’m taking 2 honors: pre-calc, U.S gov & econ. The rest are virtual labs where I take classes in lower year for graduation credits.

ECs: basketball, guitar (self-taught), stock trading.

No test scores

Do you have any idea how your scores from Vietnam compare to others from there who have been accepted to NYU? I would assume NYU would have input from their relevant Asian AO into an application like this. Hard for someone unfamiliar with the system to definitely say. I think just from what you’ve said here, Stern would be a tough admit (it always is anyway, with an 8% admit rate). Where else are you applying?

Also, what is your residency status - citizen/green card, or are you on a visa?

My GPA in Vietnam are 8.1 and 8.6 on the 1-10 scale for 10th and 11th grade. I only apply to College of Southern Nevada as a safety school because it is a community college where I’m living. I’m currently a permanent resident.

Do you have any advice on what I can do to make myself stand out despite these mediocre stats?

Ok, being a permanent resident helps for admission and funding, in general.

I think you should consider a more general post in the “college search and selection” forum here. So far you are talking about one super selective school in Stern, and a community college, and nothing in between. By all means apply to both these, but I’d suggest you look at other options too. If you are a Nevada resident, then at least you should also be looking into the University of Nevada system. (It sounds like under Nevada rules you will already qualify as instate despite being there less than a year, if your family moved there for purposes other than studying )
There may be other colleges that suit you academically and financially too, and a separate post under “search and selection” will likely bring up some good ideas from other posters.