Can I get into Notre Dame? Or NYU?

<p>State- North Carolina (Charlotte)
I have a 3.6 gpa (Weighted) at a very competitive private high school, in the area *This is cumulative
Top 50 percent of my class
SAT: 650 Math 650 Critical Reading 760 Writing
AP Classes: 7 AP classes [Including AP Chinese and AP Econ (Macro and Micro)]
Chinese Award Freshman year
National Honors Society ( NHS )</p>

<p>Varsity Track: 3 years (competing at state level this(technically next) year) *Did not run freshman year
Orchestra: 4 years(violinist)-honors next year (senior)
Chorus: 4 years(bass 2)-also honors next year and member of regional-state choir (auditions are mandatory and the head of the music department says I'll make it)
President of Guys acapella group (2 years Junior, Senior)
Startup Member of the Pulsar Search Collaboratory (In city newspaper article as well after returning from a week long program in Green Bank West Virginia with 8 hours of classes each day) *have gone through 200+ sets of data which earns me college credit (each data set takes 20-30 min)</p>

<p>Volunteer Work: 280+ hours of Chinese tutoring Junior+Senior year (senior next year, currently have 150 hours) at my school *I started the peer tutoring program for foreign languages although they previously had them for math science and english; 150 hours of community service work at the only major Catholic church in the area (of which I am a member); Built two houses as a rising freshman (into high school) with Habitat for Humanity in China (week long project)</p>

<p>Study Abroad Programs: Went to China 2 times (3 weeks each) through my school's program which included 1 week of home stays, and two weeks of touring (including a visit each of the 2 trips to a major business in the area), also when we went the first time I got to go to the United States Embassy in Beijing and had a meeting (2 hours) with 3 of the representatives</p>

<p>Senior Project: Interning next May at my cousin's business in Beijing China for 2 weeks, after which I must write a 3 page essay</p>

<p>I am looking to apply to get into ND's Mendoza College of Business</p>

<p>Major(s): Double Major in Chinese and Finance (not sure I can double major in Chinese at ND but I'm trying to)
*Hoping to also continue into grad school to get my MBA</p>

<p>Be honest: Do I have any chance? My gpa I'm hoping is at least average (low due to poor freshman year, but have all A's this year, including an A in AP US History-getting cumulative gpa up is ruff :/ ) and my SAT scores aren't exactly stellar, but I've done a lot in the past 4 years. I don't want to apply and look like an idiot in doing so if I barely meet requirements. It's a very high ranking school on a National level, which I understand. </p>

<p>Notre Dame is my dream school. My grandfather got in, but couldn't afford it and ended up going to a local college instead. Trying to prove myself has kind of been a lifelong goal up to this point.</p>

<p>ANY feedback is appreciated.
What are the possibilities, maybe NYU? Or neither?
I'm planning on applying early action in the Fall of next year.</p>

<p>NYU Low Reach
UND Low Reach/high Match</p>

<p>Might also look at Holy Cross-very good Catholic school 1 hour from Boston. Holy Cross offers Chinese major and economics/accounting majors. Like ND, Holy Cross has very nice campus and great school spirit.</p>

<p>NYU - Low Reach
Notre Dame - High Reach</p>

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<p>NYU - Low Reach/High Match for CAS and High Reach for Stern
Notre Dame - High Reach</p>

<p>Chance back?
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