Can I get into NYU Earl Decision?

<p>Hello, I am curious of my chances of getting into NYU CAS Early Decision.</p>

-I am currently a junior at a public high school.
-My GPA is a 3.8
-Freshman year, I took all honors and did pretty well. I took Honors World History, Honors biology, business and marketing, Honors English 9, French 2 and Algebra 1. I won my school science fair, and I got 2nd place in my category or regionals. I also got an award from the air-force.
-The next summer I took geometry to get ahead,.
-Sophmore year, I took AP World History, AP Biology, Honors English 10, Chemistry, French 3, Algebra 2,. Unfortunately I got a D+ in AP biology. Other than that, I got all As and some Bs.
-The next summer I took English 11 to get ahead
-Junior year, I am taking AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics, AP Literature(the only junior in my school taking the class), Pre Calculus, AP Human Geography, French 4 Honors, AP US History, Etymology. I am projected to get all A's accept for a possible B in Pre calculus.
-Senior year, I am taking AP Language, Calculus AB, AP Psychology, Physics, AP Statistics, and Honors Independent Science Research.
-I have not yet taken the SAT, but I am expecting around a 1800-1900.
-I scored a 540 on the World History SAT II, and a 550 in the Biology SAT II.
-I plan to take the Literature SAT II, and the US History SAT II.</p>

-I am a member of French club and Varsity Club.
-I have 2 Varsity Letters in Tennis.
-I am the President/Chief Executive Officer/Co Founder of a large nonprofit organization with 501c3 status.
-I am a member of the Social Entrepreneurship alliance.
-I have hundreds of volunteer hours.
-I also plan to do a business internship through NYU this upcoming summer, earning a credit at the school before my senior year of high school.</p>

-I am African American
-I have numerous letters of recommendation offers from people who I have worked with through my non-profit organization, and I have a few good teacher recommendations.
-I can afford the cost of the school.</p>