Can I get into ONE reach school? Undecided Fellow here. . .

<p>ay, i have some great schools to fall back on, but I want to know: do you think I'll get into (atleast) ONE of my reach schools?</p>

<p>sat: 1460 (700v,760m)
sat 2s: just took em, prob did ~800 math 2c, not sure about us history and writing.
taking latin, spanish, and writing again in december.</p>

<p>gpa: 3.92 unweighted
rank: 3/364
full IB diploma candidate (toughest classes)</p>

<p>ecs are pretty focused IMO. . .i didn't do anything to impress. I have some leadership positions.
siemens westinghouse, film club, lit club, lit magazine, honor societies, published poem, essay winner for several contests.</p>

<p>my reach schools:
Princeton (hah)</p>

<p>I think so.</p>

<p>I definitely see Georgetown... maybe Penn, Dartmoth and Duke - somewhat Brown, and not too much Princeton.</p>

<p>oh yeah, for georgetown it's walsh school of foreign service. . .pretty competitive from what I hear.</p>

<p>bump, thanks for the responses</p>

<p>aight last bump</p>

<p>Georgetwon, UPenn or Duke.</p>

<p>I would focus on Georgetown and add a school or 2 below what you're looking at.</p>

<p>Alright, fair enough. It seems like I have a good shot at Georgetown and Duke from what people have told me. </p>

<p>Thanks for the comments, keep em comin'.</p>