Can I Get Into Pamplin School of Business With These Stats?

I’m a rising senior in the northern Virginia area. After 2 decent years in freshman and sophomore year (all A’s but a couple of B’s), online school in junior year really screwed me over. i got lazy, the pandemic didn’t help, and my grades suffered. I finished junior year with:

A+ in Band
B+ in Dual Enrollment/IB History
B in AP Lang
B- in AP Computer Science
C+ in AP Calculus AB
C in Honors Chemistry
C in AP Economics

Horrible, I know.

Overall for high school my GPA is a 3.67 on a weighted scale.

I want to get into VT - I’m in state, and I think I’ve shown some demonstrated interest. I want to go to the business school, not just because it’s easier to get into, but also because the BIT-Cyber program is my goal.

How should I go about this? Should I apply ED/EA? Or apply regular decision so I can show improvement in the first semester of senior year (which I know I’ll have)?

Feel free to ask any questions you have. Thank you!

P.S. - SAT is a 1320 and ACT is a 29. I’m taking the SAT again this weekend so maybe it’ll improve.

Unfortunately you won’t find any concrete info on CC to determine if your stats will be good enough for admission. Your best bet is to contact your guidance office in your HS to see if they keep historical data of any sort on admissions from your school, or better yet if they use Naviance check to see where you plot on their scattergram. Those both will be better predictors than the feedback you may receive here.

Unless something changed recently, VT says they don’t take demonstrated interest into consideration. And they won’t look at mid-year transcript info either. Might be best to apply ED and hope that you have other hooks (essays, demographic, 1st gen, leadership or unique extracurriculars).

Good luck.

We have similar stats, I’ve got around a 3.5 weighted gpa, and a 29 ACT, and also looking into going to their BIT program(I’m thinking DSS)! I am most likely going to apply ED, but I get your dilemma about showing improvement, I’m in the same situation (was getting an A/B mix until online learning and I got numerous C’s). But from research I found that most of VTs undergraduates apply EA, and that regular decision without stellar stats is a gamble. Make sure to really work on those Ut Prosim questions, and good luck applying!

Do you know, if BIT program is highly competitive? Is it harder/easier to get to compared to College of Engineering (Computer Science, for example)? Thanks.

I can’t find much on the internet, but it’s less competitive than the engineering or computer science programs, but BIT still is a popular major there