Can I get into pitt for bioengineering?

<p>These are my credentials:</p>

<p>Summer of my Junior Year
3.9 GPA (4.0 scale) 4.2 weighted
top 6% of class
two AP classes currently (AP Chem and Apush)
98 ave in AP chem 91 ave in Apush
Best of the Best Award for AP Chem (chosen by teachers)
Outstanding Recommendations
9 honors classes so far
Plan on taking 2 sciences and 2 maths next year:
Honors Physics II, Honors Human Anatomy
Others next year: AP Economics
AP Statistics
AP Calculus
National honors society
President of the Health careers club at my school
Science Bowl attendant
Westinghouse Science honors institute member
Pitt Medical School Summer Program member
Who's who
Church Food Bank Volunteer (4 hours per saturday)
Varsity Golf, Tennis
Student Government
Volunteering at a hospital this summer
FBLA (Next year)
TSA (Next Year)
SAT: CR:550 :(
Math: 670 :(</p>

<p>Yeah I think you can. You have a very good GPA and a decent SAT, you'll be fine</p>

<p>Get your SATs up and you'll have a better chance.</p>

<p>The 550 CR is the biggest concern. The 670 math is somewhat tolerable. You need to try for 650+ in both to have a decent shot.</p>