Can I get into Rider and how much money could I potentially get?

Ok so I’m a NY student who’s thinking of applying to Rider. My SAT score is 1880 (first try) and my ACT is 31. My GPA is 99.87 which is basically a 4.0. I’ve also taken 6 AP courses and 7 AP exams and got no lower than a 4 on any of them. I know this isn’t enough information because there are other factors but anyone have an idea?

With those credentials, yes you’ll most likely get into Rider. I’m not sure how much you’ll receive since you’re an out of state student.

@breealana in-state or OOS shouldn’t matter as Rider is a private school.

You’ll for sure get in honestly. I have a 3.56 weighted gpa and have only taken 1 AP course and I got accepted almost immediately with a 23k a year scholarship