Can I get into RISD: current junior

I really really want to get into risd because of their environment and the classes they offer but idk if I can get in…can anyone give me advice? here’s my stats:

4.0 uw gpa
4.5 w gpa

(Will have 4.6 gpa next yr)

Took AP art class this year but i didnt take any summer programs or classes or anything

I won very few art competitions:

Local district peace art competition : 1st place

Congressional art competition (1st place) : going to washington dc this summer!

Scholastic art competition: merit award


I run a design club where the club members help design certain products and we sell the products made and all profits goes to chairty

library volunteering: not too interesting; help staff and helped organize few art events

Member of Art alliance: my friends and I go to middle school to help teach the kids art and give out fun projects

Children’s hospital volunteering: will be volunteering here during summer…

Hospice volunteering (over summer)

Worked at Kumon for 4 months

Volunteered at a tutoring place: tutored math and english
Standardized test:

New sat: 1430 (retaking in June)
Language subject sat: 800

My portfolio is I would say: decent.
I did few sewing projects but most of them are paintings and drawings…

Any advice?

Your academics look great! Just keep making lots of art and maybe find ways to take art classes in the summer (I took some adult art classes and It helped a lot for my portfolio) - we did critiques so I was able to get feedback and such

The portfolio is really the crucial aspect, so I would focus on that - I didn’t know about scholastic awards until senior year but ended up getting a gold key art portfolio. If I were you, I would definitely apply again this year and just submit as much as you can.

your gpa is well above what is necessary. However it will depend greatly on your portfolio and the home test.

Some tips from current RISD parent:

Assuming you are a rising senior, consider a RISD pre-college summer. It is expensive, but it is worth it. Very intense. Recommendations from summer teachers will impact your regular application. Great opportunity to get a taste of foundation year pressures. D2 did this to great benefit.

Meet with a RISD admissions person for a portfolio review. D2 did this as well. The pretty harsh critique from the adviser steered her sharply away from ED, gave her very substantive suggestions to improve her work, and ultimately led to a much stronger portfolio and a successful admissions process.

As others have rightly posted, your portfolio is pretty much the game. Keep working, keep adding to your portfolio, and do your best to improve and expand your repertoire.

Don’t underestimate your GPA and other academics. RISD is an “academic” art school and there is some substantial weight given to high school transcript and standardized test scores. Liberals are part of the curriculum and the school looks for people who can navigate the academic side as well as the fine arts.

Good luck!