Can I get into Rutgers Business New brunswick straight out of highschool?

<p>Help! I really want to get into the Rutgers school of business but i don't know whether i should apply early decision or not. I really don't want to apply to RU business new brunswick early if I'll only get rejected(I'd rather wait till regular desicion then) so here are my stats:
SAT: 1840(combined)
GPA: 3.7
Honors/AP: Hon. Global studies, Business Org and management(AP weighted) I am currently taking College Compostion, AP Econ, AP Psychology, College Accounting</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars: FBLA(future business leaders of america), red Cross, Art Club, Newspaper club, Viking Volunteers, Student Ambassadors, Girl Scouts, Job, 3 internships( helpline company in the U.K graphic design intern, Small startup business devvelopment intern, and Junior Achievement of NJ Program Development Intern), Youth Advisory Council</p>

<p>leadership positions: Marketing Director(position at my job), North Central communications director(NJ FBLA state level ), Girl Scout Ambassador, Teen special Forces,Assistant teacher/teacher at a sunday school</p>

<p>Awards: Girl Scout Gold Award, Viking Honors Award, 2nd in state for Desktop Application Programming(FBLA) </p>

<p>Honors Societies: Spanish, Art, and Social Studies</p>

<p>Yep thats pretty much it. Help me out? Please? Thanks I appreciate any response really.</p>

<p>Can someone please answer?</p>

<p>Yes, looks like it is possible Admissions</a> | Rutgers Business School
I think early action due dates are past (nov 1)
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<p>Rutgers does not have an Early Decision/Early Action plan, it's based off of a rolling admissions policy. They never explicitly state this on their site but I asked my college counselor at school and I also asked a bunch of older friends (i live in nj) and they all said it's rolling admissions, Rutgers just doesn't call it that. </p>

<p>rutgers is also a public, state school so it doesn't matter when you apply because if you apply early decision/early action to another school that school will most likely not count applying to RU as breaking the agreement with that school ( though you should still read over other schools' early agreements carefully to make sure)</p>

<p>so basically you can apply to RU anytime before the final deadline, though you should apply as early as possible because they award scholarships as they review applications.</p>

<p>as far as getting in, your ECs and course load/GPA are very good for RU, though your SAT is a bit low. you will definitely be able to get into RU NB SAS though RU NB Business might be a stretch because they do unfortunately put a lot of weight on standardized scores.</p>

<p>Tks for answering I really appreciate the responses! I have a question though lily what SAT score do ppl usually get in with? Would my chances be better if I applied ASAP? I took the november SAT and I am waiting for those scores to come out, but i can just send them in later right? Is it true that the earlier I apply the better my chances of getting in? Are you an RBS business student or do you know anyone that is? Thanks sorry if I'm bombarding you with questions :]</p>

<p>LOL they have early action. Deadline was Nov. 1
I applied through EA xD</p>

<p>@bahhumbug- For RU NB Business, the middle 50th percentile accepted for Fall 2011 scored 1860-2090 on the SAT I. You are just below the lower part so you're a little bit in the low range, but remember that 25% of people accepted for Fall 2011 had scores lower than 1860, so you still have a decent chance of getting in! your chances would most definitely be better if you applied asap. SAT scores take about 3 weeks to arrive in RU's database from CollegeBoard's database anyway (unless you pay an extra 30 bucks for rush shipping) so the sooner you submit your actual application and SRAR, the sooner everything can be processed. you can indeed just send in your November scores later. you will have a higher chance of getting in if you apply earlier because Rutgers reviews apps as it receives them and fills spots in its incoming class as it does so, thus later on competition becomes harder because there are less spots available. you also have a better chance of getting merit aid the earlier you apply. :] i am not an RBS business student (im a HS senior like you! i was just looking at RBS stuff because i just got accepted to it) and i don't know any off the top of my head but i can ask around, i know literally 100s of RU students and i'm sure some of them must be in business :) and it's no problem, i know how confusing RU's app and college apps are!</p>

<p>@Purplekiwis: as i stated before, they call it Early Action on their site but it's nonbinding and you do not sign any agreement, unlike other schools with proper EA/REA/ED programs. and because RU is a state school most other schools do not count it as EA. they merely call it EA because if you applied by Nov 1, you were guaranteed a response by a certain date. i have asked my college counselor, my guidance counselor, and students in the two senior classes preceding mine at my HS about this, and they all say it is in fact a rolling admissions policy and not actually an EA plan.</p>

<p>Thanks omg you got in? Congrats! What were your stats if you don't mind me asking. Should I just send my current sat score or just say my november scores are pending?</p>

<p>Thanks! I didn't actually expect to, hahah. I don't mind, my GPA was 3.66 UW and 4.11 W, and I got a 2390 on the SAT, lots of extracurrics, etc. </p>

<p>Hmm, well how confident are you about your November scores? If you are not too confident about them then just go ahead and send your current ones. If you are confident that the November ones are substantially better, then wait to send those in. It takes about 3 weeks ish for your scores to show up in RU's database once you've sent them from CollegeBoard, for reference, so the soonest they'd review your app is 3 weeks from you sending in your scores, assuming your SRAR is already complete. It really depends on whether or not you want them to consider your application now or later, when you have your Nov scores in. The only advantage to having your app in sooner is that they have more available spots and are therefore statistically slightly more likely to accept you, and also that they award merit aid as they go so chances of getting that are higher if you apply sooner. It's really up to you. When do you get November scores back?</p>

<p>Sorry I took so long to reply, btw, I've been out of the house and I had an interview today so I was freaking out!</p>

<p>@lily Wow. Your stats are awesome! Good luck with your interview though! I might just go to SAS for a year and complete the prereqs there if I don't get in straight from highschool lol! I'm pretty sure they offer those classes there...right?</p>