Can I get into Skidmore college

So first a bit about skidmore just in case you don’t know about it

ACT: 26-30 (25-75 percentile)
GPA: 3.42-3.71 (25-75 percentile)
Acceptance rate: 37%
Location: Saratoga Springs, NY

Now a bit about me,
I scored a 34 on my act, but my gpa is a less than stellar 3.00. I live in NY. I go to Riverdale Country School, a very prestigious private school in the Bronx, NY. I have taken the normal difficultly classes until this year (11th grade) in which I took two easier classes and two honors classes. Also, in my second semester of 11th grade I went to a semester school in Idaho and travled to Chile for six weeks. I should also mention that I was suspended from this school for alcohol consumption.

I play lacrosse, football, and fence for my school. I am also on a club lacrosse team in the summer. Lastly, I am Hispanic.

So what are my chances?

Interesting that with such a stellar ACT that you only have a 3.00 GPA taking mostly basic classes. I can see people on the admissions committee both arguing for you and against you. Being suspended is not good. Being Hispanic is good. Since you went to Chile, I will assume you are bi-lingual? If so, that’s a plus. You likely will need to do better in your senior year and then write a really stellar essay. If I had to guess, I would say that 3.0 GPA will get you a rejection, but you do have a shot; a slim one though I think. Good luck.

Factors in your favor: male, Hispanic, athlete, high ACT. Factors not in your favor: GPA, suspension, less rigorous classes. Unknown: Whether or not you need financial aid (this may make a difference at Skidmore). What you need to do now: Work on raising that GPA during your senior year. Visit Skidmore and have an interview. Polish your essay. Find teachers who can attest to your character and who can perhaps address the suspension and what you’ve learned from it. Consider applying early decision. Good luck.

If a big drag on your GPA was freshman year of high school it wont matter as much. If your grades have had an upward trajectory you will be in much better shape than if they have been declining.