Can I get into Sonoma State?

I have a 2.5 gpa and want to go there for CS(non-impacted major). What would I need to get on the ACT to get in? Is there a high chance?

with a 2.5 you would need around 23 SAT to be in

Sonoma State Averages for 2017 Freshman:
Average CSU GPA: 3.2
Average SAT: 1020
Average ACT: 22

I would aim for at least a 27-30 since your GPA is on the low side. The higher the test scores, the higher the eligibility index especially for CS.

probably not.

Take a look at your ‘local’ campus and a couple of non-impacted ones like Channel Island.

Good luck

Act or Sat?

I would aim for an ACT of 27-30. SAT around 1200+ but much will depend upon how you compare to the other CS major applicants and their Eligibility index.

Eligibility index= (CSU GPA x800) + (SAT Math+EBRW) or (CSU GPA x200) + (ACT composite x10). The Cal states rank applicants by major and EI. They will accept from the top down until all spots are filled. Coming in with a Low GPA will be hard to overcome but still worth an application especially if you can bump up your test scores.

You realize that CS is very Math heavy and a tough major overall. How are your grades for Math and Physics? Will you be able to keep in the STEM oriented classes?