Can I get into the Pratt Institute?

I’m going into my senior year of high school and I have been seriously looking into the Pratt Institute. I have a 4.15 weighted GPA, 1250 SAT score, and I am a high leader in my school’s band program. I’m specifically looking into the writing program, so in preparation for that I have written a couple pieces for my school’s “open mic night” type of function and I am in the process of writing a one-act play for my school’s advanced theater class, while also writing a few other pieces for my portfolio. I just wanted to hear from other people to see if I even had a shot of getting into the writing department at Pratt? And I would also love to get any feedback on what I can improve on to get into Pratt :slight_smile:

What is the breakdown of your SAT score? (EBRW, Math). I’m assuming you took the new version of SAT?

650 ebrw and 600 math

Those scores are fine for Pratt. And obviously your gpa is strong.

Be sure to follow their directions for submission of a writing portfolio. Good luck!

You’re scores are definitely above average for an art school. I wouldn’t stress too much with scores like yours. I would focus more on the portfolio and your essay. Those elements show you’re artistic capabilities, creativity, and process - probably the most important aspect to your application.