Can I get into the University of Florida?

<p>I just graduated high school in June.
I didn't really plan for college well and ended up having the choice to either sign up for community college or just wait out a semester or a year before starting college so i can get a job and take care of some business (meaning myself lol) I was thinking about applying to UF as a Spring 2012 freshman with these credentials:</p>

<p>-african american
-4.2 GPA
-22 ACT (yes it's low, but I'm retaking it September 10 and studying to get a 25 or higher)
- loads of extracurriculars, editor on newspaper staff, law club for 3 years, in a legal academy for 1 year, met with the florida bar association, competed in a statewide mock trial competition in orlando, class council, volunteer for the obama campaign, some community service but not much, nhs, been working/keeping a job since the end of my junior year, color guard/ winterguard, dance...
- graduated 170 out of 545
- graduated with about 30 credits
- but my senior grades aren't good, i had a couple of D's (my first D's EVER) and 1 F in ap euro, but i didn't need the credit :/</p>

<p>So I have three questions:
1. Do you think I can apply for that term? The application for freshmen doesn't open until tomorrow :((
2. Do you think I can get in with my credentials?
3. Or should I stay and go to community college and transfer with 20 hours by the end of the fall semester to other Florida universities?</p>

<p>please answer all, it would be greatly appreciated :)</p>

<p>I honestly don't think you can get into UF, but try FSU.</p>

<p>Even then, it would be good if you can get your ACT up a bit, to about a 24.</p>

<p>UF is incredibly hard to get into now.</p>

<p>Honestly, probably not. To get in you should have atleast a 28 or so, and your class rank isnt high enough. Even FSU looks like a reach. Probably UCF for sure though</p>