Can I get into the University of Maryland, College Park?

My goal is to attend a four-year college to study International Business and Marketing. I have a 3.6 GPA and my class rank is 126. These are my top classes that I’ve taken in High School: Honors Biology 9, German I-V 9-12, World History 9, Marine Biology 9, Geometry 10,Chemistry 10, Calculus 12, Psychology 10, Adv. Clay and Sculpture 11, AP Biology 11, Marketing 11-12, Anatomy and Physiology 12, and Economics 12.

Awards and Accomp.: Unsung Hero Award in Soccer 9-10, National Honors Society 11-12, DECA States 11, Supervisor Position at Dairy Queen, Northeast Animal Shelter internship April-May, 2016

Extracurricular: JV Soccer 9-10, DECA 11-12, Varsity Soccer 11, Key Club 9-12, JV Lacrosse 9, Varsity Lacrosse 10-12

Community Service: Key Club 9-12, Basketball Olympics 9-10, Youth Lacrosse Practice 10-12, Teddy Fish Fundraiser 11,
Breast Cancer Walk 10-12, Good Friday Walk 10, Northeast Animal Shelter 12

I have been working at an ice cream shop for over two years and I was just promoted to Supervisory position. I also babysit and ref soccer.

Test scores?

1560 on SATS and 23 on ACTS @jarrett211

I unfortunately think your test scores at too low. For UMD you’d need around a 1900 to be on the safe side.

I agree. Test scores are too low, and academics are not good enough to make up for that.

test scores are way too low