can i get into these schools

<p>hey i was just wondering if i hav a shot at getting into these schools for engineering. chemical engineering to be exact</p>

university of Michigan
rensselaer polytechnic institute
carnegie mellon
georgia tech

<p>unweighted gpa: 90
weighted gpa: 101
went to a good private school
top 7% of class
sat: 2170 760m 700cr 710wr
sat 2: 730chem 740mathlevel2
extracurriculars: nhs, spanish nhs, black belt tae kwon do, varsity letterman in swimming, piano for 11 years(numerous small recitals), tutored during my junior year, peer minister, attended a leadership retreat this summer for a week, some community service not a whole lot
im not a minority :(
so do i hav a good shot at thses schools? also feel free to comment on the pros and cons of each shools chemE department
be completely honest and tks in advance</p>

<p>^im also a male from the northeast</p>

<p>I think you have a very good shot of being admitted at all the schools you've lsited.</p>

<p>^ thanks
ive also taken all ap and honors courses so far. Chem score:4, us history score: 4
senior year ap classes: statistics, economics, physics c, calc bc. just adding more info</p>